Digital Signage

DYNAMIX provides solutions for any advertising and Point-of-Sale display. The products we supply range from stand-alone LCD displays, through to LED Display walls. Our solutions are completely customizable to every application for both indoor and outdoor environments for proven 24/7 operations. We supply turn-key solutions that are serviced and installed to the highest degree of standards and provide for worry-free operations that include the lowest cost of ownership for public displays

Digital Signage

Digital Signage Solutions are rapidly changing the look of professional spaces today. Here at DYNAMIX, we provide tailor-made solutions, to accommodate your individual requirements. Choosing the correct display device for your unique space is critical; some important considerations are the size of the room, the display material/content and most importantly the target audience for your message.
In most cases a single display panel, which is extremely cost-effective, will suit small to mid-size environments, they deliver an overall image that is very suitable for many applications. Available in a variety of resolutions and screen dimensions to showcase your content and enhance the message to your audience.

LCD Displays

LCD Displays are certainly a cost-effective technology to meet the challenges for typical small to mid-size environments. Choices range in overall viewing size, resolution, available inputs and built-in interactivity all integrated into one single display.
For even greater flexibility, these displays can also be combined side-by-side to expand the overall viewing experience. Screen sizes in single configurations can be up to 100” diagonal for a clear and impressive overall experience ranging in resolutions of HD, 4K and even 8K Displays.

LED Technology

LED Technology has given us even greater flexibility in overall size and resolution providing unlimited viewing sizes, higher brightness for ambient room limitations and resolutions to meet the most demanding applications possible. When combined, these smaller thin bezel cabinet type devices offer a seamless viewing image that increases the resolution capabilities, depending on the size and complexity of the design.
With 24/7 operation, both indoor and outdoor combine with the ease of installation providing a superior overall viewing experience and are what makes LED Technology the choice for professional applications today.

Projection Technology

Projection Technology has been the mainstay of most installations; they find their way into many applications where traditional panel technology in either LCD or LED does not fit. They are an important tool where there are limitations of overall viewing size and where brightness and image quality are paramount. DYNAMIX is a leader in projection display technology, factors that we carefully consider for your current and future needs are picture performance, quality of the image and overall budget. Our legacy in areas of Auditoriums, Large Conference Rooms, right through to Post Production and Cinema are all areas that DYNAMIX has over 30 Years of experience in the most challenging environments available today. DYNAMIX provides products to meet all of these challenging environments, and our design and consulting teams can walk you through this process to ensure the products you choose will meet those needs.

We take great pride in being able to offer our knowledge of the vast array of Technology from all of the major manufacturers available today, in concert with our highly skilled in-house installation teams and factory-certified Service technicians who provide the professional skill set for the most demanding applications. DYNAMIX welcomes the opportunity to guide you through these products to find the most suitable and cost-effective solution to ensure the display device you select will be one that fits all of your requirements now and into the future.