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Our audio visual solutions group has years of technology expertise in designing and engineering the most reliable solutions ranging from cost effective and simple designs through to extremely complex and sophisticated audio visual systems for today’s fast paced enterprises. Our IT-centric approach to solving your A/V requirements starts with understanding all of your needs, and then selecting the appropriate technology that suits all of your budget requirements.  Whether you are considering digital signage, large screen display or automated conferencing solutions, we can engineer and support all of your needs.

Federal Government buyers will be pleased to know that many of the technologies available from Dynamix can be purchased using our newly updated Standing Offer Agreement. The process is simple, call-ups against the standing offer can be made at any of our three offices.

Our Standing Offer Agreement covers all of Ontario, including The National Capital Region. In addition to goods, we also offer installation services, training and engineering support on our standing offer. For more details please feel free to contact us.

Our Standing Offer Number is: E60HN-17AVSO/014/HN