DYNAMIX has been actively serving the Federal Government in the National Capital Region and surrounding areas since 1999. We have many years of experience and knowledge of the Federal Government Procurement standards and regulations, with a deep understanding of the procurement process. The Government is transforming rapidly into the digital world to deliver services as agile and as efficient as those found in the private sector. As the government embraces new technologies, processes, ideas, to ensure that essential government services are delivered smoothly. DYNAMIX is here to help throughout the process. In today’s challenging times where all government departments are focused on providing essential, timely communication and collaboration, DYNAMIX offers its government clients an integrated focused approach with field-proven solutions for today’s important tasks.

Command and Control Solutions

Government Departments rely on technology to help make those crucial decisions, monitor and collaborate with others, identify problems and find quick solutions.
DYNAMIX is a Certified Systems Integration Company that specializes in all areas of design, installation, certification and after-sales service from the most recognized manufactures, we use the latest technologies; high-resolution displays, video conferencing, video wall and image processing solutions, whether the application is a conference room, situation room, a decision theater, or meeting room.

Content Creation

The Government needs to produce important messages that are required to reach a wide and often diverse audience. Engaging, informational, educational, and promotional multimedia materials that deliver streamlined, organized messages to singular or multiple audiences both internal and external.

DYNAMIX has industry leaders such as SONY and AVID, we have proven experience in developing turnkey professional audiovisual solutions to help deliver those important messages.

Media Asset Management

The Government is relying more and more on digital strategies and visual content to tell their stories, to preserve and allow research of their visual history. Digital Asset Management helps solve this problem, to better manage and distribute their media visuals, content and communications materials across teams, departments and partners. DYNAMIX can help develop your Media Asset Management system, define how assets are managed, where they are stored, in which formats, how it is secured, shared and found.

DYNAMIX has partnered with some very skillful leaders in this field such as CatDV and Facilis. Along with our industry certified installation technicians, DYNAMIX will customize the system to your exact requirements.

Government Standing Offer

Federal Government buyers will be pleased to know that many of the technologies available from Dynamix can be purchased using our newly updated Standing Offer Agreement. The process is simple; call-ups against the standing offer can be made at any of our three offices.

Our Standing Offer Agreement covers both The National Capital Region and all of Ontario. In addition to goods, we also offer installation services, training, project management and engineering support on our standing offer.

  • Our Standing Offer Number is: E60HN-17AVSO/014/HN
  • Dynamix is also authorized on the Standing Offers below:
  • Christie; c/o Dynamix Ottawa Inc.  E60HN-17AVSO/011/HN
  • Crestron c/o Dynamix Ottawa Inc.   E60HN-17AVSO/013/HN
  • Extron c/o Dynamix Ottawa inc.     E60HN-17AVSO/015/HN
Standing Offer Pricing Request

We take great pride in being able to offer our knowledge of the vast array of Technology from all of the major manufacturers available today, in concert with our highly skilled in-house installation teams and factory-certified Service technicians who provide the professional skill set for the most demanding applications. DYNAMIX welcomes the opportunity to guide you through these products to find the most suitable and cost-effective solution to ensure the display device you select will be one that fits all of your requirements now and into the future